Campaign Strategy & Management, Redefined.

We may be the new kid on the block, but there's a reason we're turning heads.
That's because in 3 years alone we've made the difference. In our first year we laid
the groundwork for some of the most exciting campaigns and candidates in NY,
in 2016 we challenged the establishment, and we're just getting started!


Patch In is a group of highly trained campaign strategists and consultants.
Our years of work in not-for-profit advocacy, grassroots engagement, and on the ground field campaigning have taught us how to meet the challenges unique to each campaign
and how to transform roadblocks into results.

FINALLY! Gov Cuomo to Ban Fracking in NY

A statement from Managing Partner Dave Handy: “Patch In Strategies applauds Governor Cuomo on his proposed ban on Hyrdofracking in NY. 4 years ago, when I took up the fight against fracking, we were readying ourselves to lock down. We were ready to chain ourselves to the trucks, block the roads with our bodies, and put our lives in danger… Read more →

Brown, Garner, and the Fallout from Failed Grand Juries

Let’s be clear: this isn’t about what happened to Michael Brown on August 9th, Eric Gardner on July 17th, or what can happen to young men of color in the country nearly any day without pause or remark. This is about justice. This grand juries have evoked an opinion from almost every pundit, every talking head, and everyone in this… Read more →

Welcome to the new PatchIn.NYC!

We’ve got a whole new address and a brand new look! Patch In Strategies is proudly launching the new PatchIn.NYC! It’s almost 2015 so we all know how important web presence is for any campaign or organization. Your website is your digital self; the person who will most often greet your potential supporter. We are excited our new site is… Read more →