Picking up the pieces: where does the progressive movement go from here?

We got beat on Election Day, plain and simple. As General George S. Patton once said, “The test of success is not what you do when you are on top. Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.” We have to bounce back, and in order to do it we must come together. We no longer have the luxury to fuss about who is more progressive, more capable, or more visible. To present a viable alternative to the extreme right, we must unite the spectrum across the left and bring our centrist brothers and sisters closer to our side. We need to align our organizations, ideals, and values to fight for issues that will make a difference in ordinary people’s lives.

If we really care about issues like inequality, the environment, infrastructure, and critical social issues like raising our wage and preserving healthcare reform, then we must implore all progressives to move forward together. Countless hard working people are depending on our movement to make their lives just a little bit better, and they’re not yet convinced that we can do it. It is without a doubt that our elected representatives, lacking support from the progressive movement, will struggle to implement the changes that we seek. It is vital that we recalibrate our focus and combine our strength.

For far too long we have allowed special interests to dominate the conversation. In a political climate driven Citizens United, divisions amongst progressives will not only doom us to losing more elections in the near future, but may decimate our long term movement. Our number one priority as progressives must be campaign finance reform. It may not be a hot-button issue for the average working family, but reform is long overdue. Without it, we cannot effectively push any of our other agendas. Our burden is communicating this to the public so that we may retake our democracy together.

2015 is almost here; let’s go.