About Us

Our Partners:


Robert Akleh – Robert’s story is the classic American tale; born and raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn, his parents moved to America, started a family, worked hard, and succeeded. Like the rest of the Patch In team, Robert started as a community organizer. Organizing at Working Families Party, Dave Handy and Robert Akleh formed a close bond as they were selected to start up Pennsylvania Working Families.  In the years since Robert has directed multiple in-field campaigns including Andrew Gounardes for State Senate.

We started Patch In Strategies to fill the void of quality consulting for an affordable price. We have the knowledge and drive to change the playing field for our clients.


Dave Handy – Raised by a single mother in Providence, Rhode Island, Dave grew up understanding the struggles facing most families. It is easy to see what attracted him to work in the Not-for-Profit sector, and to fight for social and environmental justice. Experienced in all realms of field, Dave has worked with numerous organizations, from Greenpeace to Working Families, and has organized in almost every state across the north-east region. In his role at Bernie 2016, Dave secure Ballot Access for Senator Bernie Sanders in 6 states, including New York where he oversaw the entire statewide ballot access effort. Dave was honored to serve as an At-Large member of the New York delegation for Bernie at the 2016 DNC.

What separates us from our competition is our passion. It’s not about rushing to fulfill a contract; it’s about taking care of our clients and forwarding the progressive agenda.

Seth Helling
– Coming from a family of two elementary school teachers, Seth knows the importance of living wage jobs and strong public services in today’s society. Originally hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, Seth has spent his years in New York organizing for progressive causes. From his success managing field operations for Phil Goldfeder, to organizing fast food workers with NYCC, Seth has proven himself a valued member of any team. His experience managing grassroots campaigns throughout NYC and upstate New York has given experience in finding success with limited resources.

Patch In gives us the opportunity to show we can do something different in the world of New York politics. No matter the challenge; we will find a way to get results.


Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of some of the most talented strategies and organizers in politics in the United States. We attract and train the best because we’re known for being better to our employees than any other consultancy in the NYC metropolitan area. We pay our entry level workers at least $15/hr and have since 2014, in accordance with our progressive beliefs. We strive to treat our people the best so they can deliver the best. Though this approach seems common sense, it is often the critical difference in a successful campaign.